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Train delay and cancellation insurance

  • Buy the insurance with a digital asset

  • Pricing and underwriting is happening in an open-source engine deployed in Blockchain using data from public sources

  • Policy purchase and claims are transparent and tamper-proof

  • Payout is immediate and occurs right after the incident happened

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Self-sovereign risk

Distributed ledger technology disrupts the way digital identity is managed: it enabled the customers to keep it into a single public but cryptographically protected storage and maintain it's accessibility live. The identity as we know it split into smaller, separately manageable parts, holding fields like an email address or a date of birth.

Mutualization around the customer's identity allows us to fulfill missing parts, reaching an overview of a customer's risk profile as never before.
The parties co-operating might be friends and family, or communities, or institutions.

The granularity of digital identity allows transacting risk partially to the engaged parties, on-demand.
And participating parties will benefit greatly from the access to live data made obtainable to them

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Distributed ledger knows better

Distributed ledger technology permits the entire ecosystem to streamline operations and lower expense ratios from back-office operations. 
Acting also as a universal trustful interface, distributed ledger allows sharing data securely in nearly real-time.

The ledger keeps full track of changes, timestamps, and source, effectively unlocking capital and resources spent on auditing and administrative costs

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