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Interoperability with insurance services

Businesses can profit from natural integration with the insurance products and services, organically supplementing and reinforcing them.

Packaged deals might cover insurance + tracking or monitoring device, a policy + subscription with a concerned business, or a shared loyalty scheme

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Decentralized loyalty

The main idea is to form a natural ecosystem of enterprises and business partners who are fairly rewarding their consumers. This exercise improves business awareness and turns customers into a vibrant community.

The conceptual difference to traditional loyalty schemes is that it runs on Blockchain where no-one is in full control of minting or burning loyalty tokens; instead, the customers are fully accountable for ownership.
Transparency of ownership and transactions not only builds trust but becomes essential when setting up collaboration of parties which don’t fully trust each other

Tokens and tokens

Tokenized assets spread across consumers might represent "money", "status'', "trust", or any reward that members of the community deserve.
The utility of the tokens is based on brand loyalty, participation, and engagement

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Customer engagement

Historically insurance been an industry where not much happens.
People hold their insurance and (hope) not to contact the insurer ever again.
Our mission is turning insurance into a vibrant financial instrument that people see the benefits of


Asset tokenization

Going digital is not about running 'digital' Excel and consolidating data from a variety of 'digital' resources with various degrees of obsolescence.

Instead, it proposes having a vital view 24/7 on digital assets your business and partners operate.
Digital assets are recorded in a shared ledger and describe any asset or arrangement made among parties.
The digital signature on a piece of hardware helps to track the origin, shipping, and sales history.

Tokenized and transferrable assets can likely unlock liquidity in previously illiquid markets

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